Why Adopt

1. Many different breeds available. Shelters and rescues have many different purebred and mixed-breed dogs. On average, purebred dogs account for 25%-30% of a shelter’s population.

2. Breed specific rescues. If you are looking for a specific breed, there are rescue groups for virtually every type of purebred dog or cat that you may want. Simply perform an Internet search such as, “poodle rescue Iowa.”

3. Saving lives. Adoption saves an animal whose life literally depends on getting a new home and frees up a cage for another needy animal. It is a sad fact; there are far more homeless pets than there are loving homes to care for them.

4. Shelter/Rescue animals make wonderful pets. Some of these pets have never had a home. Others were abandoned or surrendered by their previous owners for reasons such as: divorce, a family illness, allergies, a new baby, a move that didn’t include them, and many other reasons. Most become loving, devoted family pets.

5. Many shelter/rescue animals are already housebroken and trained. Many have some understanding of what living with a family is like and will quickly learn how to fit in with yours – especially if they have spent time in a foster home.

6. Health checks. Most shelters and rescues screen their animals for good health and temperament. Your dog will likely already be vaccinated and will have been spayed or neutered, saving you lots of preliminary vet-care costs!

7. You save money. Adoption fees for shelter pets are far less than the price of a puppy purchased at a pet store or from a breeder. And your money goes towards running the shelter or rescue; helping other homeless animals.